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 Can you think on your feet? Are you creative enough? Can you think outside the box?  Do you have some experience in real esate space?

We are constantly seeking out individuals with the  skillset necessary to bring added value to our team. We need individuals who are quick thinkers and able to adapt to change on the fly. Creativity is highly valued, as is the ability to approach problems with an open mind and consider new and unconventional solutions. At Fanada Group, we speak  one language which is “Results”.


Are you a real estate agent/sales person who is very good at sales? I mean selling homes like hot cake. To be a good fit for us, you should know how to sell the real estate “sizzle” to prospective home buyers. If this sounds like you read on. 

We offer you the freedom and the flexibility to work from the comfort of home by selling our off-plan luxury gated community at Kwabenya, Accra Ghana to potential home buyers – both locals and the diaspora.


– Find prospective home buyers for our development project

– Nurture relationships that will convert your leads to home buyers 

– Conduct consultation with buyers to find out what they want in a home, the units type, etc 

– Show our off-plan units that meet those needs.

– Take prospective buyers to the site

– Use all effective sources online and off-line to generate quality leads.


-Good communicator

-Real estate deal closing

– Excellent negotiation skills

– Networking skills

-Match-making skills 

-Selling skills

-Leads generating skills


If this sound like you,  we encourage you to send us your CV to [email protected] and we will contact you as soon as humanly possible.

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